FE 350 Pro | 2024

Like nothing before it

With the standard model striking a perfect balance between power and handling, the FE 350 Pro Series is designed for racing with a long list of Technical Accessories taking overall performance and durability to even higher levels. Equipped with premium components to improve braking, protection, and rider comfort, the FE 350 Pro Series is undoubtedly the most versatile and competitive enduro machine ever made by Husqvarna Motorcycles. A distinctive grey and white livery, together with a black powder coated frame, rounds out the enhancements and creates a truly unique look for this exciting new machine.


A truly distinctive grey and white colour scheme dramatically sets the Pro model apart from the standard machine. For a long-lasting and scratch resistant finish, the graphics are applied to the ergonomic bodywork using an in-mold process, which embeds the design into the plastics.


A new and transparent 8 litre fuel tank fits neatly within the ergonomic bodywork. The fuel pump is new and features and integrated filter for improved supply, with the fuel line positioned to be less exposed and susceptible to any potential damage.


Using state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics, the new footrests are slightly larger to improve control. Additionally, the mounting position for the footrests on the new frame brings them inwards, which makes them less susceptible to catching on the ground through deep ruts.

Throttle body

The FE 350 Pro Series features a 42 mm Keihin throttle body optimised for throttle response. The injector is positioned to ensure the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber with the throttle cable mounted directly without a linkage for an enhanced response.


The proven chromium molybdenum steel frame is refined for 2024. A new shock mounting, which is no longer connected to the main tube, significantly improves the anti-squat behaviour of the chassis. With optimised wall thickness in high-stress areas improving reliability, the frame continues to offer advanced geometries and flex characteristics aimed at providing unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption, and straight-line stability. The frame is complete with a premium black powder coating with redesigned standard frame protectors offering improved grip in all conditions. Additionally, the redesigned and robust skid plate offers exceptional frame and engine protection.

Hybrid Subframe

Made from 60% polyamide and 40% aluminium, the new subframe offers exceptional strength and durability at a low overall weight of just 1.8 kg. The lower subframe spars and frame mounts are manufactured from cast aluminium for significantly improved reliability, with the upper section made from injection-molded polyamide to enable specific flex characteristics.


The new hollow die-cast aluminium swingarm is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium using an improved casting process for optimal stiffness and a 190 g weight reduction. In order to optimise and match the flex characteristics of the new frame, a new 22 mm rear axle is fitted. Additionally, the chain guard and chain slider have been completely redesigned for improved durability with the chain guard made with a rounder profile to prevent catching on external objects.

WP XACT front forks

Each of Husqvarna Motorcycles' enduro machines is now equipped with WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring forks. Designed and developed for the rigours of enduro riding, the forks offer consistent performance thanks to the closed cartridge spring design, which optimises oil flow and prevents it from foaming. The addition of a new hydrostop, effective in the last 68 mm of travel, is highly effective on heavy landings to maintain maximum forward momentum. Additionally, riders can alter the compression and rebound settings quickly and easily using the hands-free adjusters found at the top and bottom of each fork leg.

WP XACT rear shock

The all-new WP XACT rear shock is 100 g lighter and 15 mm shorter than its predecessor, yet the travel remains unchanged at 300 mm. With rebound and both high- and low-speed compression adjustable by hand, setting changes can be achieved quickly and easily without tools. Complete with a CFD optimised shock piston, low friction SKF seals, and a revised linkage system, consistent damping, comfort, and traction is guaranteed.


The new generation FE 350 Pro Series engine is designed to deliver maximum performance. For 2024, the engine is tilted two degrees backwards to further centralise mass, with all major engine components and shaft arrangements repositioned to enhance overall handling and improve the anti-squat behaviour from the chassis. Weighing just 28.2 kilograms, the 350cc 4-stroke engine produces a ton of power to challenge 450 machines.

Cylinder head

The FE 350 Pro Series features a fully redesigned DOHC cylinder head engineered to deliver performance and reliability. Internally, the layout features a new camshaft with low-friction DLC coated finger followers ensuring minimal friction. Together with the lightweight titanium valves - 36.3 mm intake and 29.1 mm exhaust - strong and controllable power is delivered throughout the rev-range.

Cylinder and piston

An 88 mm bore cylinder and forged bridged-box-type CP piston combine to create a compression ratio of 13.7:1. As a result, the low oscillating mass delivers strong and controllable power. High-strength aluminium is used to manufacture both the cylinder and piston, with both components professionally engineered for outstanding performance and reliability.


The crankshaft is optimised for high performance and overall reliability with long service intervals of 135 hours. This has been made possible by using a plain big end bearing, which features two force-fitted bearing shells.

GALFER brake discs

Ensuring the highest levels of braking performance in all conditions, GALFER brake discs are fitted front and rear. The stopping power of the floating wave front disc, which is shielded by the disc protector, is uncompromised. The rear disc features a solid design to prevent premature pad wear.

Brake disc protectors

For continued braking performance, disc protectors are fitted front and rear. State-of-the-art, injection molding technology is used to blend carbon fibre and plastic to create a lightweight front disc guard that features an integrated spacer for simplified wheel changes. At the rear, a CNC-machined aluminium guard designed for extreme enduro deflects impacts and allows riders to focus on mastering technical terrain.

Supersprox rear sprocket

Built for the extreme. The Supersprox Stealth Sprocket features an aluminium centre section to reduce unsprung weight while a ring of steel teeth ensures maximum durability. Forged, stainless steel rivets connect the two parts together for a maximum reliability with the unique construction extending the service life of the entire drivetrain.

Skid plate with linkage protection

Making sure the machine glides over obstacles with ease is the polyamide skid plate. With an extended design to cover the suspension linkage, forward momentum is not lost, and any potential damage is prevented. Incredibly durable thanks to its injection molded plastic construction, the skid plate is low in weight and particularly beneficial for those competing in hard enduro events.

Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake system

As used by Husqvarna Factory Racing, the reliable Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems provide consistent, confidence-inspiring performance in all conditions. With self-adjusting free play, the race-tested hydraulic clutch offers a near maintenance-free operation that allows all riders to focus on the trails ahead.

Factory Racing Wheelset

The Factory Racing Wheel Set offers increased strength and stability when riding across technical terrain. The hubs are made from CNC-machined aluminium and then anodised black before being laced to black EXCEL Takasago rims using strong spokes. A new axle puller speeds up the removal of the front wheel.

Competition seat cover

A new high-grip cover with additional ribs for extra traction is fitted over the familiar ergonomics of the standard seat foam. Better capable of holding the rider in place when riding either sat down or stood up, the tear-resistant seat cover enhances control in all conditions.

Soft compound ODI grips

Providing welcome comfort throughout the longest and toughest of days are the soft compound ODI grips. The throttle grip is vulcanised onto the throttle tube for a failproof fitment while the left grip is clamped in place using a small bolt.


Manufactured from high-strength aluminium, the radiators are designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to channel air in the most effective way. A large centre tube channels coolant through the frame to reduce pressure at this point in the system for a more consistent flow while an internal thermostat further enhances reliability. A new design radiator cap with a bayonet closure ensures a secure fit. For continued cooling in extreme conditions, a radiator fan is fitted as standard.

Triple clamps

The black-anodized, CNC-machined triple clamps offer premium quality as standard on all Husqvarna enduro models. They have a carefully calculated 22 mm offset and are designed to provide the perfect harmony between the frame dynamics and fork settings. Expertly crafted using superior techniques and materials, they provide the highest levels of quality and reliability. The redesigned handlebar clamp has a larger contact area with the ProTaper bars for reduced twisting in the event of a crash, and offers two mounting options for customisable ergonomics.


With precisely positioned inlet ducts reducing air flow deformation, the airbox ensures unrestricted airflow with maximum filter protection. The Twin Air filter is mounted onto a cage designed to offer accurate installation and can be easily accessed without tools by removing the left side panel.

LED headlight

The new LED Headlight provides a brighter light output of approximately 300% for much-improved visibility at night and is particularly effective when riding through dense woodland. A new mounting design sees the LED lighting unit installed into the headlight mask using a quick-release system, which allows it to be replaced quickly and easily if damaged.

Map Select Switch

Designed for easy operation, the Map Select Switch allows riders to easily choose between two EFI maps, activates Traction Control, and engages the new Quickshifter. Traction Control can be switched on or off via the Map Select Switch and functions by analysing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which the engine RPM increases. If the RPM increases too quickly, the EMS registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel, ensuring maximum traction. The Quickshifter can also be engaged using the same Map Select Switch and offers seamless upshifts under heavy load.


The new Quickshifter can be activated or deactivated via the Map Select Switch. By interrupting the ignition for a fraction of a second, this allows upshifting while the throttle is fully open without the use of the clutch. To prevent unintended shifts, the function is only active from second gear upwards.

Electric start

The proven electric start system uses a compact and lightweight Li-Ion battery, which is 1 kg lighter than a conventional battery. With several years of experience in developing and perfecting electric starting, the reliability of the electric start is second to none and ensures a quick and easy starting in any situation. Additionally, the wiring harness and electrical components are safely located below the seat for easy accessibility.

Technical Details


  • TRANSMISSION 6-speed
  • COOLING Liquid cooled
  • STARTER Electric starter
  • STROKE 57.5 mm
  • BORE 88 mm
  • CLUTCH Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics
  • DISPLACEMENT 349.7 cm³
  • EMS Keihin EMS
  • DESIGN 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
  • FUEL-MIXTURE GENERATION Keihin EFI, throttle body 42 mm


  • WEIGHT (WITHOUT FUEL) 110.9 kg
  • WHEELBASE 1489 mm
  • FRONT BRAKE Disc brake
  • REAR BRAKE Disc brake
  • CHAIN520 X-Ring
  • FRAME DESIGN Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
  • FRONT SUSPENSION WP XACT cartridge Ø 48 mm
  • HANDLEBAR Pro Taper, Aluminium Ø 28/22 mm
  • REAR SUSPENSIONWP XACT Monoshock with linkage
  • SEAT HEIGHT 952 mm
  • SILENCER Aluminium
  • REAR SUBFRAME DESIGN Aluminum-reinforced polyamide
  • WHEELS Spoked wheels with aluminium rims