About Us

SRG Motorsports was founded by Sean Gaugain in March 2013 in UAE, with the vision of creating a one stop off-road service and sales centre.Sean has been providing technical and mechanical knowledge and support to his customers with the knowledge gained from being a rider himself since the age of 4 and over 10 years working experience in the world motocross championships in Europe.








We are based in Dubai, Ras Al Khor and have just launched an online store to meet all of your off-road needs! Providing our customers with friendly, knowledgeable staff and the convenience of online ordering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Over the course of several years, we've partnered with leading brands in the motorsports industry. 



At SRG Motorsports, we epitomize the spirit of two-wheeled adventure. As the official distributor and largest importer of Husqvarna Motorcycles in the Middle East, we transcend the conventional dealership experience. We are your gateway to a world where horsepower meets heart.

Why Choose SRG Motorsports?

  1. Authorized Excellence: When you choose SRG, you choose authenticity. As the authorized company for Husqvarna Motorcycles, we uphold unwavering standards. Our seasoned team ensures that every rider finds their perfect match—a bike that resonates with their passion and purpose.

  1. Comprehensive Services: SRG isn’t merely a showroom; it’s a hub of motorcycling excellence. Whether you seek technical accessories, stylish apparel, or expert advice, we’ve meticulously curated an ecosystem that caters to your every need. Our commitment extends beyond sales—we’re your trusted partner throughout your riding journey.

  2. Off-Road Passion: Our veins pulse with off-road ferver. From the treacherous trails of the Dakar Rally to the adrenaline-soaked motocross circuits, we live and breathe dirt. Our collection of bikes, gear, and accessories reflects this unyielding passion. When you ride with SRG, you’re part of a legacy that thrives on adventure.

Our Products and Services

  • Husqvarna Motorcycles: Explore the latest models—from the nimble TC 50 to the formidable FC 450. Husqvarna’s legacy in off-road dominance continues under our roof. Each bike embodies precision engineering, raw power, and the thrill of conquering uncharted terrain.

  • Technical Accessories: Elevate your ride with top-tier accessories. Brands like Twin AirWP, IPONE, HGS, and Progrip adorn our shelves. Whether it’s performance enhancements or personalized touches, we’ve got you covered.

  • Apparel: Safety meets style in our range of motorcycle apparel. From protective gear to fashion-forward riding attire, we ensure that you look good while staying safe. Because every rider deserves both form and function.

  • Service Center: Our skilled technicians are the guardians of your ride. Regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades—they handle it all. Your bike’s performance is our obsession.

Our mission: Leading the way for motorsports in the Middle East.