Dhs. 2,800.00
Dhs. 2,800.00


WP Factory Racing split clamps are available 2021-23 KTM, Husqvana & GasGas MX & Enduro models!

Anodized elegance meets precision engineering in the WP FACTORY TRIPLE CLAMP. Crafted with insights from top off-road riders and teams worldwide, this ultra-lightweight component takes your riding experience to the next level. Let’s explore its features:

  1. CNC Milled Aluminum: The heart of the WP FACTORY TRIPLE CLAMP lies in its CNC-milled aluminum construction. This material ensures strength without compromising weight. Say goodbye to excess bulk and hello to agility.

  2. Optimal Steering Stem Stiffness: Every twist of the handlebar matters. The WP FACTORY TRIPLE CLAMP is meticulously tuned for ideal steering stem stiffness. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or attacking berms, it responds precisely to your input.

  3. Perfect Fork Tube Alignment: A stable front end is essential for control. With 100% alignment of the fork tubes, this triple clamp ensures consistent handling. No more guesswork—just confidence on the track.

  4. Homogeneous Force Flows: Smooth force transfer is the secret to seamless riding. The WP FACTORY TRIPLE CLAMP minimizes irregularities, allowing you to focus on the ride. It’s like having a direct connection between your hands and the terrain.


  • Elegant anodised surface
  • Visual highlight
  • CNC milled aluminum triple clamp
  • Optimally tuned steering stem stiffness
  • 100% alignment of the fork tubes
  • Ideal flexibility – precisely customised to the WP fork
  • Specially optimised geometry of the fork clamping
  • No ovalization of the fork outer tube
  • Highly precise and smooth fork response
  • Maximum handling gain
  • Gain in stability at the front wheel
  • Overall, more homogeneous force flows in the entire vehicle
  • Simple offset adjustment
  • Including steering stem with steering head bearing already pressed on
  • Very simple offset adjustment of 20 or 22 mm
  • Shorter offset: easier and quicker cornering in curves
  • Longer offset: stability on fast straights
  • Included PHDS Bar Mounts for 28,6mm handlebar